Bonded abrasives

Resinoid Wheels:

Resinoid wheels are a very popular general purpose and Specialised abrasive tools for rough grinding on various materials.

Commonly used in construction,metal foundry,engineering and other industries and fabrication Industries also.

It can be used on portable pneumatic and electric driven portable horizontal and vertical Grinders.

Mostly operates at angles 20-35 degrees and 90 degrees when required by grinding requirements.


Cast Iron,Non ferrous alloys,Steels,Stainless steels.

Cutting – off wheels :

Cutting wheels deliver unmatched cutting performance and toughness With 1mm thickness wheels. Resulting in longer life and reduced friction with superior stability Precise cuts on thin sheet metal,profiles and small diameter rods.

Type 27:

Depressed centre wheels thickness from 2-10mm available dia from 100mm to 230mm for hand held machines. Mainly used fro grinding application.

Type 41:

Flat Cut-off wheels available in diameter from 100mm to 400mm for hand held machines 300-400mm for stationery machines. Mainly used for cutting operation.

Type 42:

Depressed centre cut off wheels available dia from 100mm to 230mm. Used for cutting operation.



Vitrified grinding wheels are used in precision grinding of ferrous and non ferrous metals, glass, ceramic, stone, marble and many other materials.