About Us

Established in 2019, ADM Abrasives as a world – class producer of bonded, coated and Trading abrasive products. The high quality finish and cost – effectiveness of our products have made us the preferred choice of many leading corporations in India. The company’s well-equipped team, staffed with highly experienced engineers, enables the development of grinding wheels catered to customer requirements, along with continuous analysis and performance tests in support of product development. ADM Abrasives offers precision built products of high quality and performance for virtually every conceivable manufacturing application.


Our unique industry approach combines both sales and engineering expertise to determine the company began on a modest note with depressed center and cutoff wheels, followed by snagging wheels.The efficient production processes were complemented by knowledge of formulation and wheel design, and their subsequent adaptation to the Indian market.The product offerings have grown in the last decade, ranging from vitrified and resin bonded abrasives to coated abrasives and Traded Products .