Slot Overview: Gods vs. Gigablox

Wars between the gods were a common theme in the mythology of ancient cultures like the Greeks. The ten years of conflict between the Titans and the Olympians are known as the Titanomachy. The very mention of the phrase evoked visions of colossal monsters tossing mountains or lightning bolts at each other while the universe trembled. Hot Rise Games, makers of the VS slots Monsters vs. Gigablox and now Gods vs. Gigablox, are aiming to capitalize on this type of audience with their latest game.

The eye-catching aesthetics in Monsters vs. Gigablox were one of the game’s many strengths. Gods vs. Gigablox is, if anything, more visually arresting than its predecessors. The visuals are sharp, the colors are vivid, and you get a real feeling of the massive figures at play. Visually, Hot Rise Games has been on a tear, and their unique take on things works wonderfully with the game’s divine premise. High-quality visuals are accompanied by similarly fitting sound effects in Gods vs. Gigablox, making it an effective attention-grabber.

Gigablox was developed by Yggdrasil Gaming and features on a 6×6 grid with 50 different ways to win. Depending on the player’s location, the RTP for Gods vs. Gigablox might range from 96% to 86%. Players receive a very unstable mathematical model across the board, with hit frequency ranging from 29.1% to 32.5%. You may place a bet as low as 50 p/c or as much as £/€20 every spin.

Gigablox, which are symbols that can be any size from 22, 33, 44, 55, or a screen-filling 66, can develop at random on each spin. These bigger symbols land and break down into standard 1×1 blocks so that wins may be calculated. Gigablox symbols can appear in the main game at any time, but only image symbols are utilized during the free spins and VERSUS features. There are six high-paying god tiles, while the low-paying symbols are the royal cards J through A. Wilds, shown as golden crowns, can stand in for any other icon other from the scatter.

Slot Functions in Gods vs. Gigablox

Gameplay-wise, Gods vs. Gigablox borrows heavily from its predecessor, Monsters vs. Gigablox, including elements like free spins with wild Chosen Symbols, and expands upon them with new additions like the VERSUS feature.

Bonus Turns

When you get at least 5 scatters, you get 8 free games. During free games, the high-paying image symbol that was most visible when they were triggered turns into a wild. If there are an equal amount of two different image symbols when the free spins feature is activated, the highest valued symbol will be used. When free games are triggered, image symbols disappear and Thor substitutes for them. Gigablox symbols only appear as image symbols during the free spins round, and free spins can be retriggered with the same chosen wild if at least 5 scatters symbols appear.

Function VERSUS

When you successfully land all six Vs, Es, Rs, Sus, and Ss, the VERSUS function will activate. There are six (6) free games given here. Then, from the group of high-paying image symbols, a Champion and a Challenger are selected at random. Each Champion and Challenger symbol that appears on the reels adds to the corresponding meter on the side of the screen. Extra free spins, multipliers for other symbols, wild symbols, wild multipliers, and monetary awards are all possible outcomes of symbol accumulation. There is no chance of winning free spins or seeing VERSUS symbols while in the feature.

Finally, if it is available, players can pay 100 times their original wager to access the VERSUS Feature.

The Slots Say: Gods vs. Gigablox

Gods vs. Gigablox, like its predecessor, is a slot that stands out thanks to its vivid colors, enormous figures, and other eye-catching features. Which of these slots is the most eye-catching is up for debate. Gods vs. Gigablox might not have as much appeal as Monsters vs. Gigablox did because gods and mythical characters are so prevalent in slots. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a monstrous smackdown between Kong and Kaiju-esque creatures in a video slot. Thor and Anubis are among the more common characters to appear on the reels, but there are also some lesser-known figures to learn about.

Gods vs. Gigablox is a video game that has all the features of its predecessor, Monsters vs. Gigablox, and more. The VERSUS feature is a fun technological innovation from Hot Rise Gaming, and the free spins bonus rounds make use of strategically placed wild symbols. Like a divine version of Tekken, the feature’s Champions and Challengers truly hit each other from opposing sides of the reels. Monsters vs. Gigablox’s weakness when it comes to possible victories was surprising given the magnitude of the animals featured and the degree of destruction hinted to. Gods vs. Gigablox fixes this problem by giving players a maximum payout of 10,225x their wager, which is more in keeping with the game’s concept and style.

As a result, Gods vs. Gigablox should satisfy the expectations of gamers who enjoyed the first VS game. This is especially true if the comparatively low potential of the sixth spot is a problem. Given the scale of both monsters and gods, we wonder what Hot Rise Games will do with the next VS slot.

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