Gemix 2 Slot Rating and reviews

Play’n GO, a creator of online casino games, followed up one of their most successful games with the gemix 2 slot machine, which has a magical theme. Luminous symbols like as hearts, stars, and moons emerge on a grid that is 7×7 in size. Since this is a cluster pays game, winning symbols disappear to make room for the possibility of new clusters to form.

When you have accumulated a certain number of winning symbols, you will be able to activate unique modifiers, which will provide you with even more chances to win. These include the alteration of symbols as well as wild multipliers that may go up to 20x. Playing the Gemix 2 slot machine allows the player to journey through a number of different virtual worlds and acquire additional characteristics along the way, such as expanding, multiplying, or sticky wilds.

The Gemix 2 slot machine is a game with a medium level of volatility and returns an average of 96.26 percent. Play the game on your desktop computer or mobile device at the highest possible stake level, and you might win up to 750,000.00.

Instructions on How to Play the Slots Game Gemix 2

A mystical realm serves as the backdrop for the symbol grid, which is suspended above it. These cartoon characters appear adjacent to the grid to award unique bonuses. A wizard, princess, miner, and knight host the four distinct worlds in this game. The icons are brightly colored, and there is an upbeat music to accompany the gentle clicking sounds made by falling symbols such as hearts, moons, and other objects.

A symbol collection meter is located on the left side, while a pattern indicator is located on the right side. Other meters and indicators are located on either side of the screen. The interface may appear cluttered, but it performs well on personal computers as well as iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices at the best online casinos.

The controls are simple to use, and in order to choose a bet from a range of 0.10 to 100.00, you need merely scroll down a bar that is located below the grid. The automated spins function is activated by a bronze tab with two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Pressing the “I” button leads you to the paytable, where you can see how much you can earn from clusters of symbols and how to advance between worlds.

Cascades and the Other Features of the Gemix 2 Slot

Once a reward has been awarded, a cluster of five or more related symbols mysteriously disappears. This results in vacant areas that those above may cascade into, and if this results in additional clusters being formed, you will get compensated again. Cascades continue until there are no more victories, at which point all of the symbols in a winning sequence are added to the World meter on the left.

Unlocking Crystal Charge modifiers requires a cascade of at least 25 symbols in any order. The subsequent cascades are triggered by one of the four features:

The Nova Blast ability causes one sign to explode, transforming all symbols near to it into more instances of the same kind.

When you use the Crystal Warp ability, every instance of a symbol is changed into a new kind.

The Light Beam ability allows a symbol to zap adjacent symbols, changing them all into matching symbols.

Chain Lightning causes corner symbols to transform those that are next to them into more instances of the same kind.

If you acquire 50 symbols or more in a row of cascades, the Super Charge feature will activate. This feature will activate all of the modifiers at once and will quadruple any winnings. If the Super Charge feature causes another cascade that has 50 or more symbols, it will retrigger, and the multiplier will rise by one each time, reaching a maximum of 20 times!

An indication for the World Pattern draws attention to certain symbol placements. When winning clusters are found in the same locations, the corresponding symbol placements will change from blue to yellow. When all of the highlighted places have changed color twice, a mystery G-NOME figure will arrive and unzip a coat to reveal a number of handbags. Choose a purse at random for a chance to earn a gift, but if you choose the incorrect one, you won’t get anything from him.

In either case, you will advance to a new realm, which has the following elements, all of which will increase your chances of winning substantial prizes:

Giant wilds with a multiplier of 2x may be found in Knight’s World.

Miner’s World may award up to ten wild symbols at random on any one spin.

In Princess’s World, wild symbols may spread over the screen.

The Wizard’s World feature awards up to five wild symbols that remain in place during the game.

The maximum wins, the average returns, and the volatility of the Gemix 2 slot machine

The Super Charge feature’s wild multipliers have the potential to produce winning clusters that are worth 7,500 times your initial wager. Taking into account the highest possible wager, this results in a payment of 750,000.00. Gemix 2 is a game that has an average amount of volatility and returns that are higher than the industry standard of 96.26 percent.

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