Review of Redbus Bingo

It does not take long to figure out what Redbus Bingo is all about. As the name implies, this is the ideal destination to visit if you’re in the mood for popular bingo hall remarks such as Legs Eleven or Two Fat Ladies (88). Or, at the very least, it’s one of dozens available online, so the real question is how it stacks up against the competition.

In terms of first impressions, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. While everything seems to be in its proper order when viewed from a desktop browser, the top tabs on the landing page—which bring up pop-up menus for choices such as ‘Join Now,’ ‘Promotions,’ and ‘Games’—are actually concealed by the massive red bus that serves as a backdrop. Call us fussy, but if this kind of design blunder goes unnoticed, it does nothing to reassure you that the site will be the epitome of excellence elsewhere.

It’s also a URL that’s clearly geared at establishing a lighthearted tone. Almost excessively so, depending on your preferences. Those seeking something more serious and sophisticated should probably look elsewhere, although this is more popular among gamblers who enjoy poker or classic ‘casino’ games in general, rather than bingo – given that the game is played (albeit without money) in junior schools worldwide, it hardly requires sophisticated marketing to attract players digitally.

The large rotating banner pictures that dominate the center of the screen are one of the first things you’ll notice about the site. Among them is an advertisement for the sign-up bonus, which pales in comparison to the sign-up bonuses offered by slot and card-focused online casinos, but is rather normal for online bingo sites.

Having said that, it’s important emphasizing early on that there are further choices outside matching numbers on a piece of paper to numbers on plastic balls, but we’ll discuss them momentarily. To summarize, it’s a clean-looking website that seems to have been thrown up quickly, and as such is rather unimpressive.

Never Make a Book a Judgement

While you came here to play bingo, which is fine and dandy, you may be pleased to learn that there are a few more alternatives available. At the top of the screen, clicking the ‘Games’ option brings up the complete games menu, and if you scroll down to the ‘Casino Games’ section, you’ll discover two versions of Roulette—one a traditional rendition, and the other dubbed Wheel of Delights, a more contemporary twist on the classic.

Additionally, there are Instant Win Games accessible, which the site’s tagline describes as ‘the cutting-edge of online gaming technology’. We’re not sure whether that’s true, but in any case, we had a great time playing Hollywood Stars, a scratchcard inspired by the lives of the affluent and famous. Or, at the very least, the world’s capital of silver screen memorabilia.

The X Factor Star Power scratch game was also enjoyable, although this is likely to depend on your opinion of the polarizing television talent program.

Additionally, you’ll discover Progressive Jackpot games and Slots, however the selection of both is somewhat restricted in comparison to other dedicated casino websites, implying that they are unlikely to be selling factors for anybody considering joining up here over rivals.

Mad as a Bingo

While you may believe there is just one form of bingo, this is as false as claiming that everyone who plays bingo has blue rinse in their hair or arthritis. Redbus Bingo provides various different methods for you to participate in a classic game of chance, and it’s critical to grasp the distinctions.

75 Ball consists of 75 balls and 25 squares arranged in five vertical and five horizontal rows, with the goal of completing the whole card or a certain form on the card. 90 Ball Bingo focuses on a single or double line or a complete house.

Meanwhile, 5 Line Bingo, sometimes known as Swedish Bingo, is the quickest of the three and unquestionably the one we liked the best overall. The objective is to complete horizontal or diagonal lines, with one, two, three, four, or five lines resulting in a victory, or a combination thereof.

Are you still dissatisfied? There are no issues. Additionally to those options, you may play a Progressive Bingo Game. These are available in two configurations: Double-Decker or London Eye, and the objective is to bingo on the object’s pattern in 41 calls or fewer. If you win after 42 or more, you will only get the jackpot for that round, not the accumulated winnings, which will continue to grow until someone wins in under 41.

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